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What You Need to Know: Free Dog Food Samples in Australia


A Beagle eating a free sample from his owner’s hand

When it comes to providing your dog a nutritious, delicious, and affordable dog food, many people become overwhelmed by the amount of options on the market. Luckily, there’s one way to decide if a dog food is right for your best friend before you invest in a large package of food: dog food samples. Free dog food samples in Australia allow you to choose between the best Aussie brands without the risk. If you’re wondering how to get your paws on kibble samples, we’ve got you covered!

What Are the Benefits of Pet Food Samples?

There’s nothing worse than buying an entire bag of premium dog food (or cat food) and discovering that your dog just isn’t into it. When this happens, it leaves you with an open bag that will go to waste unless you have a friend whose pup will eat it. Money-wise, this can add up–and reducing waste is always great [1]. Additionally, it can leave you high and dry without dinner for your best friend.

Another benefit of free puppy packs in Australia is that you can test if a food will upset your dog’s stomach. For dogs with allergies, this is especially beneficial [2].

Finally, when you order dog food samples, you can let your dog taste test differing flavours of the same brand to make a better-informed decision on which recipe is best for your bestie.

How to Get Ahold of Free Dog Food Samples in Australia

A bone-shaped dog bowl with a free sample of dry food in it

Samples are a way to empower pet owners to make the best decision for their pets. And the best pet brands are happy to provide you with a free puppy pack or free sample pack free of charge. It’s a win-win situation–your dog gets to ‘try-before-you-buy’ and the company wins over a potential customer. Just keep in mind that you may have to cover shipping.

Step 1: Decide What Dog Food You Want to Try

There’s no point in receiving free samples of dog food that isn’t healthy for your puppa. So, before you dive into ordering free samples, narrow down which brands are optimal for your best friend

At this point in the process, you will want to compare:

      • Ingredients
      • Price point
      • Reviews
      • Company differentiators

Step 2: Search to Discover if They Offer Free Samples

A Google search showing Petzyo’s free samples links

Once you have a list of dog foods you want to try, hop on Google and simply search “Brand name + free samples.” Most companies that offer free samples will appear in the top results for this search query.

From there, simple click on the link for the details regarding the free sample size and how to order.

The add-to-cart page for Petzyo’s dry dog food sample

After adding your sample to your cart, you will be asked for your shipping information and what your shipping rate will be.

The check out page for a sample of Petzyo


Step 3: Reach Out to Customer Care Requesting Samples

If the pet food company doesn’t offer free samples online, you can always reach out to their customer service department. 

To do so, locate their contact information on their website. Most people have an easier time emailing customer care rather than calling, but both options work.

Before you reach out, write down which flavours and formulas your dog would like to try. This will streamline the process. You will want to inquire as to whether or not the company charges for shipping. If so, be prepared with your credit card information. If you’re emailing the company, include your mailing address. 

If the company does not provide free samples, you can always ask for coupons or discount codes to try their food at a lower price point.

Step 4: Explore Local Sources for Free Dog Food Samples

A location with free samples out for dog owner to take from baskets

An often-overlooked way to acquire dog food samples is by getting out of the house and stopping by pet food stores and veterinary clinics. Many veterinary clinics receive boxes of free dog food samples, even if they don’t carry that particular dog food. This can leave them with a surplus of samples they may not hand out to patients. Keep in mind that it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Additionally, many breeders will provide their new pup parents with free puppy packs in Australia. So, if you’re adopting a new puppy, ask if the breeder has a sample of the diet the puppy is currently on.

Samples of dog Petzyo dog food

Dog-related events and celebrations are other great places to find samples for your dog. You can even find brand representatives at dog parks!

Get Your Free Dog Food Samples Now

a dog with packages of free dog food

Get started on your journey. Discover the best dog food by ordering free samples now. Petzyo’s Kibble That Counts offers wholesome, healthy, and all-natural dog food without fillers or artificial preservatives.