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When your dog looks their best, they feel their best and the other way round. Pamper your pup and provide them with the best nail care, coat care, skin care at home with high-quality dog grooming products. Whether your dog has a short coat or a long curly coat, we offer the best selection of dog grooming products in Australia. Because when you have hands-on such luxe grooming tools, caring for your dog's grooming product needs becomes more accessible, and your dog will look, smell, and feel their happiest.


Dogs need regular nail clipping, hair trims, baths, and more. With gentle, natural, and effective dog grooming products, your furry friend can enjoy a paw-dicure, spa day, or haircut at home.

Petzyo has selected the best grooming products so your dog will feel confident, calm, and tip-top.


Petzyo is committed to promoting well-rounded health for dogs from the inside out. We've curated a collection of high-quality dog nail clippers, pet trimmers, bug sprays, shampoos, conditioners, fragrances, water-free washes, ear rinses, and wipes. This collection will help pup parents find the best equipment and products to keep their dogs fresh, healthy, and smell amazing.

So, how exactly do we select dog grooming products that Petzyo parents can Add-To-Box? We choose brands that care about pups as much as we do. We also choose products that are natural, gentle, ethical, and beneficial. We obviously won't offer Petzyo pup parents something we wouldn't use for our dogs.


One of the best things about dogs is that every dog is an individual, which means each has individual needs. Use our grooming guide to understand better how to care for your dog's needs at home. On the other paw, all dogs need to have their claws clipped from time to time and a bath. For these, you will want dog nail clippers, dog shampoo, and dog conditioners.

We offer the best dog grooming products from the best brands. We won't settle when it comes to your dog's health, which is why we invest our time in selecting brands that do good for dogs and only use quality ingredients and materials. We can confidently say you will love brands like Rufus & Coco, Melanie Newman, Ivory Coat, and Troopets just as much as we do


You and your dog will appreciate a range of products that make caring for your dog's hygiene effortless. For dogs that don't enjoy a doggie dip in the bath, try a water-free wash. Is your dog meeting the in-laws? A deodorising spray will do the job. For dogs with itchy, dry skin, itch relief shampoo will soothe your pup's skin and remove all the dirt and debris.

As you browse through the dog grooming products that we offer, we know that some will perk up your ears. Directly select and click the products sparking your interest to learn more about them. Add them to your cart, and they will ship out with nutritious and delicious Petzyo dog food. Yes, that simple!