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Get Wag - Veal Tendons - Multiple Sizes - Petzyo


Get Wag: Veal Tendons: Multiple Sizes is just what your furry friend needs to add to their daily routine.  It is made of 100% Australian Veal Tendon, with nothing else added.  It is a great chew treat for your doggo’s dental hygiene, helping to keep their teeth clean, gums strong, and breath pleasant.  It will also add glucosamine to keep those joints feeling good and satisfy your pup’s need to chew.  While chewing, they will burn nervous energy and help relieve your furry mate’s anxiety.


Get Wag: Veal Tendons contain only chewing goodness because they are made without anything added that might harm your furry friend’s health.  Just veal tendons, from Australian raised veal calves.  Chewing them will help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and gums healthy, which will translate into a longer and happier life for your pooch.  While you dog chews, their body is releasing endorphins which will help to keep them relaxed and free of anxiety, so toss them a tendon before you leave the house, and you will come home to a relaxed and happy pup.


No fat, no artificial flavours, no preservatives--just pure natural veal tendons for your doggo.  Keep them on hand to help with your dog’s dental health as well as giving them something safe and delicious for their chewing tendencies.  Reward your best mate with a Get Wag: Veal Tendon and they will thank you with a wagging tail and lots of doggo kisses.


In your next box, make sure that you add a bag of Get Wag: Veal Tendons to your Raw Royalty and Kibble that Counts.  What pup doesn’t love a good chew?  And what pup parent doesn’t want the best chew treats for their forever friend?  With the best food and the best chew treats, you have done all that your dog could ask to help keep them happy and healthy.


No Preservatives

Australian Made

An outer glow means looking as good as you feel inside. With the raw nutrition of freeze-dried ingredients, these treats contain Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins to keep your dog healthy.


Our food is real, just read the ingredient list. Every ingredient has been carefully selected for the benefit it provides:

Salmon, Coconut, Sardine, Carrot, Kale.

  • 100% Veal Tendon
  • Australian Made
  • Healthy Chewy Treats


No Achilles Heel in sight, only 100% Veal Achilles in our tendons.

A single ingredient snack with limitless health benefits, our Veal Tendons destroy plaque, which is so important for little chompers. It is also packed with glucosamine to ease achy breaky joints.

Veal Tendons are a lean protein with a heavy crunch for your doggo to sink their teeth into and keep their breath fresh.

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