Laila & Me Dog Treats - Chicken Feet 75g
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Laila & Me Dog Treats - Chicken Feet 75g


Product Description

While they might not look that tasty to you, your dog will jump and wag their tail when you break out a bag of Laila & Me Dog Treats: Chicken Feet.  This tasty and healthy doggy snack is made only from Australian chickens, with no additives or preservatives.  It is a great source of glucosamine which will help keep your pup happy and healthy.


  • Great Dental Snack
  • Satisfies your dog’s desire to chew
  • Excellent source of glucosamine
  • 100% Australian grown and made


What Makes Laila & Me Dog Treats: Chicken Feet One of the Best Dental Treats for Dogs?


Your furry mate will flip when you toss them a Laila & Me Dog Treats chicken foot. Nothing other than pure and healthy chewing fun. They are made from Australian chickens, with nothing added so you can be sure that your pooch is getting something wonderful to chew on, along with a great source of glucosamine.


How Does Product Help With Dog Dental Care?


Dogs need to chew, and if they don’t have a healthy chew like Laila & Me Dog Treats: Chicken Feet, they will find something not so healthy to chew.  Chewing helps them to keep their teeth free of plaque and tartar while strengthening their gums.  Unhealthy gums are a major entry point for bacteria, and healthy, pink gums keep bacteria out of your mate’s bloodstream, giving them a happier and healthier life.


Good Treats for Your Dog


Not all dog chews are created equal.  Many have additives, preservatives and chemicals added, but that is not the case with Laila & Me Dog Treats: Chicken Feet.  They are made with one ingredient only--Chicken Feet.  And all the chicken feet are from chicken raised in Australia, so you don’t have to worry about anything unhealthy that might affect your favourite four-legged friend.


Why Dog Teeth Cleaning Products Belong In Your Next Box?


You will love the reaction you get when your doggo discovers delicious and nutritious Laila & Me Dog Treats: Chicken Feet.  You will want to add a bag or two to your next box of Raw Royalty and Kibble that Counts.  They are great for a healthy snack between meals or for a reward after a fun outing. Have us put some in your box today!


  • All-Natural
  • Real Australian Meat
  • Anti-Inflammatory



100% Australian Chicken Feet.

Laila and Me's treats are made from 100% Australian chicken feet sourced from local Australian butchers (Melbourne). 4 feet per bag. 

Treat your dog with a natural and healthy snack from Laila and Me.

Ingredients: Chicken Feet 75g

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