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Holiday Buying Guide for Dog Owners & Their Besties

A Border Collie wearing a Santa hat in a basket

Humans aren’t the only ones who get excited as the howl-idays approach. Doggos feel the joy and anticipation radiating off their owners as the yuletide spirit arrives. Whether you’re looking to give a dog owner in your life the pawfect present to make pawrenthood easier–or your want to spoil your granddog, there are plenty of thoughtful options to choose from.  

If you’re looking for the ideal gift for dog owners, here are some of the most beloved gifts that dog parents and their doggos adore!

#1 Dog Dental Treats

Gifting a doggo with dental treats is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. Not only are dental treats a long-lasting delight for dogs, but they freshen a dog’s breath, so their owners enjoy those dog smooches even more!

Additionally, doggie dental treats are an easy way to keep the veterinary dentist away. Just like us, a clean mouth is a healthy mouth–which means fewer dental procedures, resulting in less cost for veterinary visits, less pain for the pup, and greater peace of mind for dog owners.

Plus, better dental health is now linked to a longer (2 to 5 years longer based on studies), healthier, happier life for dogs! 

We recommend:

Gifting a trio of dental treats that dogs LOVE to sink their fangs into (plus they’re made with REAL meat):

#2 A Petzyo Dog Food Plan

One of the most thoughtful and considerate presents you can give to a dog owner in your life is providing their pup with the best diet and convenience of doorstep delivery. 

This out-of-the-box gift lasts into the new year–and as long as you want it to! The ability to pause or end a plan at any time allows you to gift that special dog owner in your life with monthly deliveries of premium food without having to reorder.

What Makes Petzyo an ideal choice as a gift for dog owners?

      • Kibble That Counts and Raw Royalty only use all-natural, premium ingredients at an affordable price.
      • Dogs adore the rich, meaty recipes.
      • Petzyo dog foods are formulated to support an active life and the best overall well-being for dogs.
      • A Petzyo plan provides reliable deliveries tailored to a dog’s details. So, dog owners can skip heaving and hauling hefty bags of dog food that may have sat in inventory for months
      • Giving the gift of healthy dog food allows dog owners to spend more quality time with their beloved dogs!
      • Every order of Petzyo plants a tree and all Petzyo products support Australian farmers and artisans!

#3 An Interactive Dog Toy

If you're trying to find the perfect toy to increase the bond between a dog owner and their best friend, an interactive dog toy is an ideal choice. When dogs engage in play, their brains release happy endorphins, and they naturally see their dog owner as a part of their pack! 

Plus, toys that get dogs and humans up and moving offer health benefits for both pawties! 

We recommend:


The Rufus & Coco I Give a Wag Rope Toy! This tuggerific toy is as adorable as it is fun. Plus, it comes in five fun animal options, so you can choose the one that best reflects the dog recipient’s pawsonality!

#4 A Dog Toy as Cute as the Dog That Unwraps It

Dog toys are one of the most common gifts for a reason! They’re cute and bring boundless joy to dogs! If you’re looking for the pawfect dog toy to get a dog’s tail wagging, aim for durable material or a few extra bells and whistles that will get that tail wagging!

We recommend:

Happy Paws Co Donut Plush Toy for Dogs

This delightful stuffed doughnut is as cute as it is fun. With three colours to choose from, the lucky dog that receives it will feel spoiled with such a sweet treat (without the calories of a real baked good).

# 5 A New Collar & Lead Combo

While sweaters may be cute–they don’t provide the same lasting sentiment as a new collar and lead. These dog essentials make a great gift because many dog owners don’t realise their dog’s current collars are getting worn out, dirty, and faded. 

Plus, the dog owner that receives this thoughtful gift will remember the considerate gift every time they leash up their doggo for a fun adventure!

We recommend:

A fun and funky Fuzzyard Dog Collar and Lead Combo

These adorable collars and leads are filled with pawsonality and function to match! Each neoprene lead and collar is durable, soft, and made to last.

#6 DIY Doggie Spa Day

Turn a doggie chore into a fun doggie date with all the items needed for an at-home doggie spa day. When a dog owner unwraps their spa day gift basket, their eyes will truly light up. To make this gift come to life, put together a combination of high-end doggie shampoo, conditioner, and any other grooming product that will benefit bathtime!

We recommend:

Melanie Newman Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Create a relaxing, luxurious aromatic experience with these lovely grooming must-haves. 

#7 The Pawfect Stocking Stuffers

Kids aren’t the only ones that enjoy the surprise and fun of stockings! Create a stocking stuffed with thoughtful tidbits that the special dog owner in your life can enjoy with their best friend by their side. Consider a combination of dog-owner must-haves like poo bags and a new holder, training treats, and a chew treat that provides hours–even days of entertainment.

We recommend:

Rufus & Coco Do Good Dog Poo Holder & Bags

Get Wag Antler Horn

Fill the Holidays with Endless Reasons to Wag!

When it comes to gift-giving, there are few presents more thoughtful than those that bring a dog owner closer to their best friend. We’re sure that the dog owner in your life will love any of these gifts, and that their furry best friend will, too!