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5 Valentine’s Day Dates for Dogs & Their Owners

A dog wering a Valentine's Day headband

Does your doggo hold a special place in your heart? Then let them know with a special Valentine’s Day date! It's easy and fun to plan a date for you and your dog this Valentine’s day. Treating your dog to a bit of pampering, attention, and excitement is a great way to remind them just how special they are. Plus, these fun activities will ensure this Valentine’s Day will be one to remember for years and years.

If your human sweetheart wants to celebrate with you? No problem. When it comes to doggie dates, three isn’t a crowd. You can all enjoy the holiday together.

Don’t wait to make plans. Choose one of these dog dates and your pupper will feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

1. Make Reservations at a Dog-Friendly Restaurant or Cafe

While not every place will welcome your furry pal, many do. And some even cater to the proud pawrents of well-behaved dogs. 

Planning Doggo Dinner Out

To find the right date night location, browse businesses that welcome dogs. Pick one that looks good, especially if they have a special menu for your beloved doggo! 

Don’t forget to dress your four-legged date up in their prettiest collar with their matching lead.

Order your doggo one of their favorite meals when you order yours, and savor every bite the server sets in front of you. If you don’t eat it all, you can take it home, in what else? …a doggy bag!

2. Plan a Picnic in the Park

If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed than a dog-friendly restaurant, you can opt for a picnic in your nearby park. This option is a wonderful way to save some money while enjoying some sunshine.

Prepping a Puppy Picnic

To prepare your meal, pack some meats, cheeses, and bread. After laying out your picnic blanket, you will have everything you need to make a sandwich. And don’t forget to bring along some other goodies to share with your dog. What exactly? Have fun with your choices. Does your dog love cottage cheese? Bring a little for them. If they like sweet potatoes, pack a small bowl. Don’t forget apples and other fruits that your dog loves. 

If your dog gets thirsty, water is good, but maybe you can pack a thermos with some beef or chicken stock–the low or no salt variety of course. 

And for dessert, bring a selection of delectable sweets for yourself and meaty chew treats that you can share with your four-legged friend.

3. Take a Walk on the Beach or Along the Lakeshore

A dog and his owner lakeside on Valentine's Day

What dog doesn’t like going for a walk? For Valentine’s Day, pick a nice park located on the water. Your dog will love all the new and exotic smells–not those same old hum drum smells that they get on those 30-minute after-work walks. This is even better if there is a dog park, too, where they romp and play with their canine buddies.

Not only will they love the new smells, but they will also love splashing in the water or going for a little swim. But make sure that you bring enough towels so that your doggo doesn’t drench your car seats on the way home.

4. Say “Cheese!” Plan a Fun Photoshoot

Is your dog one of those canines that loves to be the center of attention? Then break out your camera and head to an exotic location for your own doggy photoshoot. Dress them up in their finest garments and get ready to click the shutter and bring plenty of treats to reward them whenever they give you a cute pose.

Consider what poses make your dog look their best. Choose the ones that capture their pawsonality most! It could be sitting and smiling at the camera, lying on their back, tummy up waiting for rubs, or gazing off into the distance. You can even try having them hold their paw up ready for a “shake.”

For dogs that love action, toss a ball and snap the photo just as they jump to grab the ball in the air. No matter what poses you want to try, take your time and use your artistic ability. When you do, you are sure to return home with some amazing shots to share with your friends. 

5. Take a Hike to a Picturesque Location

Do you love the great outdoors? Then pull out your hiking bucket list and choose a destination you want to visit. Your doggo will the adventure, too! This is a great way to reward your doggo if they are the type that relishes outdoor adventures.

New to hiking with your dog? There are plenty of dog-friendly trails with wonderful scenic views that you can share with your forever friend. Just prepare for your expedition by packing a lunch and bringing some water… and off you go into nature. 

Don’t forget to take some photos as you enjoy the sights and sounds. This doggo date ensures you will return home at the end of the day with a stronger bond with your forever friend!

Woof You Be Your Dog’s Valentine?

A dog with a red headband and Valetine's Day cupcake

It isn’t hard to plan a Valentine’s day outing, and your forever friend will love you more than they do already. Keep in mind that Valentine’s Day with your doggo doesn’t have to be expensive. Your dog will simply love being the center of attention and spending some special time with their favourite human!